Snohomish County Legal Services is a free legal aid program serving Snohomish County Residents experiencing poverty. Our staff, pro-bono attorneys and volunteers provide information, advice and legal representation to ensure meaningful access to justice regardless of individual barriers and needs.

Snohomish County Legal Services

Did you know?

More than three quarters of low income households experience at least one important civil legal problem annually.

Of those who experience civil legal problems, more than 85% of the time these persons receive no legal assistance of any kind. Nine out of 10 low-income people who do not get attorney assistance receive no help at all with their legal issues.

Civil legal problems experienced by low income people in Washington generally affect basic human needs such as housing, family safety and security and public safety.

Civil legal needs are disproportionately experienced by women, children and members of vulnerable population groups.

For many thousands of low-income families, basic promises guaranteed them under the laws of this state - promises to personal and family safety and security, fair treatment by landlords, employers, and creditors, and fair and proper treatment by governmental agencies - are unenforceable because they cannot secure the legal representation needed to effectively assert, defend or enforce these promises.

Snohomish County Legal Services is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.