If a client has a bankruptcy issue, they are first referred to our Bankruptcy Clinic. At our monthly bankruptcy clinic, volunteer attorneys assist clients in assessing whether to file bankruptcy. Clients are assisted in understanding and filling out the forms for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and in very limited cases receive representation in bankruptcy court. Our bankruptcy clinic is staffed by our non-family law attorney and a volunteer attorney. Prior to the clinic night, clients pick up the Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms and informational materials.

A volunteer attorney teaches a 45 minute bankruptcy class at the clinic during which many of the basic questions are answered. Clinic attendees meet with volunteer attorneys individually for a 20 to 30 minute session. This model allows clients to have general questions answered in an efficient manner and then the attorney consultation can focus on the individual client’s unique circumstances and questions. Clients whose Chapter 7 involves complex issues are referred for full direct representation by a qualified volunteer attorney.

SCLS can only assist with Chapter 7 bankruptcy matters.

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