Housing Justice Project

A homeless man sits on the sidewalk in his sleeping bag.Low income people facing eviction are particularly vulnerable to becoming homeless. Our Housing Justice Project attorneys work with persons facing eviction to assert their legal right and defenses. Attorneys negotiate with landlords to provide adequate time for clients to move out. Those who are in danger of losing their public housing receive assistance to help them preserve this important benefit.

The Housing Justice Project was established in 2003 to provide a wide range of services, including information and educational materials about the eviction process, referrals, legal advice, negotiations with your Landlord’s attorney, and assistance in preparing for Show Cause hearings. Housing Justice Project volunteer attorneys are available at the courthouse every Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and Friday at the Snohomish County courthouse between 10 a.m. and noon to assist qualified clients on the unlawful detainer calendar.

These clients are interviewed to determine if they have legal defenses to the eviction. Staff and volunteer attorneys may enter limited notices of appearance and represent the clients on the calendar that day if the client so desires. Volunteer attorneys attempt to negotiate settlements for those clients without legal defenses. Cases set for expedited trial are referred to volunteer attorneys for direct representation.

Are you on your own?

If your hearing is on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday: If you are appearing pro se (without representation), then please come early (at 10 a.m.) and meet with the HJP attorneys as soon as you get to court.
If your hearing is in the future, or you don’t have a hearing date yet: If you have just been served with an eviction notice or a Summons and Complaint, you may go to the courthouse on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning and ask an HJP attorney for help in completing your response. The HJP attorney will be available to assist you after the Show Cause hearings have been heard, so you may need to wait until after 12 p.m. If you cannot go to the courthouse, please call the CLEAR intake line for advice and/or referral to Snohomish County Legal Services.

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