Eviction Resolution Program

Eviction Resolution Program

The Eviction Resolution Program (ERP) was created in September 2020, starting with in six counties: King, Pierce, Snohomish, Thurston, Clark, and Spokane. The ERP brings tenants and landlords together with a professionally trained impartial mediator to try to resolve non-payment of rent disputes before an eviction lawsuit is filed. Volunteers of America in Western Washington operates the Snohomish County Dispute Resolution Center and provides Early Resolution Specialists to help parties resolve their disputes. This program is free to tenants and landlords. To learn more about the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERP or ERPP), download this Know Your Rights flyer.

The ERP Process​

Before starting an eviction for not paying rent, landlords must give tenants the option to participate in ERP. An Early Resolution Specialist makes sure the ERP process happens smoothly. The Specialist will try to contact the tenant at least three times. The specialist will inform the tenant of any available rental assistance, and determine if the tenant is eligible. Then the Specialist will begin negotiating a settlement, hopefully to keep the tenant housed while getting rent payments to the landlord. If the ERP is successful, then the tenant and the landlord will receive a written copy of the settlement agreement. If the ERP is not successful, the specialist will sign a DRC certification and give it to the landlord. With the certificate, the landlord can then start an eviction lawsuit. If the Early Resolution Specialist can not contact the tenant after trying three times, the specialist will sign a DRC certification document and the landlord can start filing an eviction lawsuit. 

You may ask for legal help with negotiating a settlement. If you are a tenant, contact Snohomish County Legal Services – HJP at (425) 258-9283 ex. 5 or email: information@snocolegal.org to see if you qualify for free legal assistance. 

Snohomish County ERP CONTACT INFO:
Dispute Resolution Center
Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center
Early Resolution Specialists
(425) 339-1335, Ext. 3

Snohomish Court Rules setting up ERP can be found on the Superior court website.