Eviction Services

Our Services For People Facing Eviction in Snohomish County

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SCLS Housing Justice Project (HJP) provides a wide range of services, including information about the eviction process, referrals to other agencies or lawyers, legal advice, negotiation with the landlord’s attorney, and helping prepare for an Unlawful Detainer Action, or Show Cause hearing. HJP operates the local HJP walk-up Clinic, and also provides services through the Eviction Resolution Program (ERP), and the Right to Counsel (RTC) program in Snohomish County. 


Our Housing Justice Project attorneys work with people facing eviction to assert their legal rights and defenses. Attorneys negotiate with landlords to provide adequate time for clients to move out. Those who are in danger of losing their public housing receive assistance to help them preserve this important benefit. 

HJP created an in-depth, 20 page informational packet to help tenants at-risk of eviction or currently facing eviction. If you would like a printed copy of the packet, you can pick one up during our HJP Clinic hours or fill out this form and we will mail you a copy.


The Eviction Resolution Program (ERP) started in September 2020. The ERP brings Tenants and Landlords together with a professionally trained impartial mediator to resolve non-payment of rent disputes before an eviction lawsuit is filed. These services are free to Tenants and Landlords. Volunteers of America operates the local Dispute Resolution Center where the ERP is centered.


 “Right to counsel” refers to the right of a tenant to have a lawyer to help in their defense, even if they cannot afford to pay for an attorney. SCLS is proud to be one of the first agencies authorized to provide free attorneys to qualifying tenants.

Other Eviction Resources

Eviction law is changing quickly, and the eviction moratorium ended on June 30, 2021. Read about changes to the law at Washington State New 2021 Landlord/Tenant Legislation (washingtonlawhelp.org) and check back for updates.  

If your landlord is threatening to evict you, use the Eviction Defense Helper, apply for help online at nwjustice.org/apply-online,

or contact Snohomish County Legal Services HJP (425) 258-9283, ext. 5  or by email at information@snocolegal.org. 

Many common legal questions and answers can be found at https://www.washingtonlawhelp.org For more detailed information regarding landlord-tenant law, consult the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). Sections RCW 59.12, 59.18, 59.20, and the Civil Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, Rule 5 (CRLJ 5). RCWs and court rules can be found at libraries and the following websites: www.leg.wa.gov (for RCWs) and www.courts.wa.gov (for court rules and sample forms). Court contact information can also be found at www.courts.wa.gov.